Sunday School

EASTER SUNDAY - The younger children's class will take part in an Easter egg hunt during their S.S. time. Please dress them to be outdoors. Thanks!

Farrar Sunday School —  We’re looking forward to kicking off another spectacular year with our Sunday schooler’s—Sunday, September 11th!

GOOD NEWS! Our S.S. is growing, and we’ve recognized the need to separate our youth into two age groups — younger kids will build on many of the lessons we learned last school year, journeying through the Books of the Bible.
For the older group, we will begin Teen Sunday School class. The focus will be on the Sunday sermons, getting the youth acclimated to the service flow, and also looking at lessons to encourage growth in their relationship with God. If you would be interested in leading a discussion with our teens, downstairs, after the morning’s sermon, please contact Shonda Hay.

Outside of our class time, our youth have several missions planned, around the community and central Iowa.
Missions for the 2016-17 year:
  • Sunday School bags
  • “5th Quarter”: An event that the high school kids can participate in after home football games in Bondurant.  We will be sponsoring dessert and pop.
  • Books for Blank Children’s Hospital: children take donated books.
  • Young Women’s Resource Center: cooking and serving a meal to young women in downtown Des Moines
  • Serve the member’s of the FUMC: clean up, goodie bags at the holiday's, and teaching to the church congregation

Sunday Schoolers cleaned up outside the church - nice job!

Sunday School Missions for 2015-16 session:
#1 – Des Moines Young Women’s Resource Center – make and serve a meal, also give Christmas boxes to the kids and mothers
#2 – Assemble school supply bags

#3 – Create a special box for Belinda

#4 – Collect and deliver books to Blank Children’s Hospital

VBS 2015 - Camp Kilimanjaro was a success!
JAMBO from the Farrar/Mingo VBS!  Campers had a ton of fun at the Camp Kilimanjaro through the week!!
Our campers had an epic expedition through Proverbs all week!  Our lessons this year were all about being wise:  
  • Be Wise-have ears that hear and do God’s Word with Tembo the Elephant!  Proverbs 19:20
  • Be Wise-have a heart that trusts in the Lord with Twiga the Giraffe!  Proverbs 3:5
  • Be Wise-have a tongue that speaks in a God-honoring way with Kiboko the Hippo!  Proverbs 18:21
  • Be-Wise-have hands that get to work with Tumbili the Monkey!  Proverbs 16:3
  • Be-Wise-have feet that walk with the wise with Duma the Cheetah!  Proverbs 13:20

      The kids learned these lessons many ways through songs that they learned with Mike Brady and Emma Hay, and Nicole Craig, skits that were performed at the beginning of each night by Camp Director, Jeri Heffelfinger, Jerrica Beem, Kolbe McKee, and Lessons taught by Safari Sue and Trucker Tom (Cindy Lorius and T.J. Craig).  The other activities they had were fun games with Janet Beem and Trenton Brady, craft with Jolene Brady, Bailey Pease, Janean Stewart and Lori Pease, and of course snack time served up by Janet Stewart, Marilyn Heydon, and other Farrar UMW helpers, with the snacks provided by the Farrar UMW each night.  YUM…YUM!
Our attendance during the week ranged from 25-34 kids.  This was great attendance, considering the kids’ involvement with sports and family vacations.  We also have a number of youth aging-out and choosing to be Helpers.  This is so helpful and it is awesome to gain role models for our younger kids.
Our mission focus was Caring Christmas boxes for local areas of need, Mingo UMC sister church & school Mission Harvest Ministries - Uganda, and Child Fund-the Farrar UMC sponsor child Belinda Vega Sanchez.  Items that were donated by the kids each night included personal care items, school supplies, noisy night (loud toys, musical instruments and coins), arts and crafts, and toy items.  These are some of the many items that are needed for the missions this year.  These items will all be donated under the Farrar/Mingo UMC VBS.  Each night the kids could also bring in monetary donations as well and this will be split between the missions to help pay for shipping.  Some of the ways we collected these donations were to have a theme for each night for the kids to bring items or a challenge for them to bring in their pennies for Shonda Hay and her army (Candi Nicoliasen and Denise Fick) to count as they manned the registration table.  By the end of the week we filled many boxes with items and collected over $350.00.  This shows how giving these communities and kids are with our missions.
Our VBS church service was on Thursday night this year June 11th, ~90 kids and adults attended.  Our campers SANG and DANCED the evening away as the kids got to run the show.
VBS doesn’t just happen by itself, A GREAT BIG THANKS goes out to all not previously mentioned such as: Jenny Heydon, Kent and Dawn McKee, Tawnya Vry, and Bob Pease.  We also want to recognize our youth that take their time to help out at VBS not previously mentioned: Kathryn Vry, Kelsi Young, Jerrica Beem, Caleb Heffelfinger, Elizabeth Collins, and Ethan Brady.  The team this year was great and took on the task at hand which was to have a successful VBS.  Our communities are so much better with these people in it to help our kids to learn and to know God in so many ways.
THANK YOU to the members of both congregations for amazing support.  Everyone supports our VBS week with generous donations in many ways and it is greatly appreciated.  If it is by monetary means, decorating supplies or mission support thanks for all of your prayers and support of this special week.  Some even provide special treats of pizza for the kids on the last night to make it very special.

We can’t wait for next year and hope to see you there!

Beginning in September 2015
Children's Sunday School, held during our regular worship service - 9:00 am

We welcome all children to attend Sunday School. Session is held during the 9 am worship.
For more information, please talk with Shonda Hay, Jenny Heydon, or TJ Craig.  You may also email us your questions at 

*** Scroll down to see some of our latest mission work and other activities throughout the 2014-2015 year. ***
Early 2015 the children assembled and delivered craft bags to Blank Children's Hospital in Des Moines.
October 2014, the Sunday school group prepared and served a homemade meal to the Young Women's Resource Center in downtown Des Moines.  

 Children prepared the pasta dinners to freeze prior to serving.

On October 22nd, the children arrived at the Young Women's Resource Center to tour, serve a homemade meal, and mingle with the members at the center.

Served over 30 young women and children.

Some of the older Sunday schooler's enjoyed caring for the babies while some of the young mother's enjoyed their dinner.

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