125 Years!

     A big Thank You goes out to everyone in the Farrar United Methodist Church who worked so long and hard to prepare for and put on the Quasquicentennial Celebration August 24, 2014.  Thank you for all those who attended all or part of the day to share in our celebrating.  We are so appreciative to Bishop Trimble, his wife and those from his office for being part of this celebration.  Hearing from all the past ministers was fantastic.   Thank You to everyone who had a hand in making it a wonderful! 

If you haven't already done so, I encourage you to check out the beautifully written article on The Iowa United Methodist Church's website.  Click HERE to go directly to the site.  Once there, you can also view photos taken the day of the celebration, by clicking on the link "Click to see images", located in the upper-right portion of the page.

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